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It would be amazing to have more fiction posted here! The overseer of this section will forever be known as InsatiableRythym (we'll go by screen names here so the pieces are more easily recognizeable), and besides writing the pieces you see below, IR will read YOUR story and quite possibly post it to share it with others! E-mail IR c/o the Palace with your story, first name, screen name, and e-mail address (If you want feedback from *NP visitors for your story, mention that too so your e-mail address can be posted. Policy is to otherwise always keep e-mails completely confidential.)
In order for my idea for this story to work, I had to portray *NSYNC's manager, Johnny Wright, as a, well, not very nice man. I want to make it clear right now that I don't know Johnny personally, but I'm positive he's a great man and would never do anything to hurt *NSYNC. Thanks!
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
A Popodyssey -
In More Ways Than One
A true story by InsatiableRythym, originally for an English class, about the bond that pulls *NSYNC fans together (awwww! Not very sappy, we promise.)
Coming Soon -

A short story by InsatiableRythym about how music can touch us, especially when we least expect it.
Formerly "Speechless"