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  1. The way he says "Next window, please" in Saturday Night Live's "Super Size It."

  1. The way he says "Girl, were you alone?" in "Giddy Up."

  1. The way he tries so hard to be a good manager for his FreeLance Entertainment clients.

  1. From Christine: I am not obsessed with Lance, but appreciate him. He is sweet to his fans and works hard for what he has. He does so much out side the band and is very warm hearted. If I were to choose anyone in the band to hang out with for a day, Lance would be my choice.

  1. From #1-nsync fan --danielle: i luv lance b/c he's cut funny outgoin and very spontaneous. I grew up wit these guess i was 11 when i first liked them an now im 15 gonna be 16. my luv for him an all the guys grew more an more and it ain't gonna stop.

  1. From Kendra: Lance seems so sweet. I don't know why I think this, but he just looks so shy. He is so cute, and seems like a down to earth, humble, nice, just all around great guy!

  1. From Jaci: I love lance because of his perosnality and because he is so cute. He just seems like the nicest one in the group. I love his eyes.

  1. From Katie: I love Lance so much it isn't even funny! I take the crap at my school cause everyone thinks he is so ugly but I am like the only one that LOVES James Lance Bass!! He is the hottest most sweet man alive on this planet and wow can he sing!!! He has a SEXY voice!!

  1. From LilAngel8107: Lance seems like the most real person in the group to me. The most down to earth. He's just like the-guy-next-door- kinda person. They all seem like normal guyz, but Lance is the one who I'd pick as most-in-tune- with himself. Not to mention he has these really sweet green eyes, that just say, " Hey look at me! Im a nice sweet guy!" LOL!

  1. From Lori: I think Lance is such a sweet guy.

  1. From Becca: I love lance because of lance. His voice, his eyes, his smile, his drive and ambition, his sense of humor, his faith, his taste in country music, the look on his face when he seems to just be in his own world. he just seems like someone you would always want to have in your life as a friend. He's just lance...

  1. From Tiffani: I love Lance b/c what I have seen and read about him. He is so much like me. Kind, openhearted, caring, sweet, funny, talkative, hardheaded, devoted, positive, loving........and his deep sexy voice and sexy green eyes, like mine. :o) And that is why I am a Lance Gal!

  1. From LiLaNgEl353: I have loved Lance since I was 9 years old! He's cute, funny, and much more! But I think he should have a song of just him singing!!! that would be cool!!! I love him!!!

  1. From Lance*Lovergirl2001: I think Lance is the best singer in the whole world and I just love him. He is sooooo the best and cutest one in the band!! *Duh* If I could spend a whole day with anyone in the world I would hang out with lance and my friend Alexandra cause she loves him too! I loved Lance and the rest of N*sync since I was 6 and now I just turned 11.

15. From -Unknown-: i love lance because he is so sweet and caring. i luv his eyes and he is a hard worker.
Why We Love Lance
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