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The name of Christopher incorporates a potential aptitude for concentration and patient, logical thought along mechanical or scientific lines. You tend to prefer to follow normal routine rather than cope with the disruption and uncertainty entailed in trying something new. You gravitate to situations where you have stability and the opportunity to make slow step-by-step progress, preferably in a technical field. Procrastination and lack of self-confidence may restrict your success. You enjoy associating with others, and would not be happy living or working alone. This name tends to make you dependent upon others, and you find it difficult to face issues or important decisions without relying upon others for advice and encouragement. This name undermines positivity, with the result that you can be influenced against your better judgment. You find it difficult to say "no" and mean it. This name is not conducive to good health, and tends to engender the desire for heavy foods, for example, excessive protein and carbohydrates. You could suffer with problems relative to the fluid functions or intestinal tract such as constipation, growths, swelling of the legs and ankles or over-stoutness.
Name analysis is done all the time, espacially when people are trying to find the best name for their baby. It is, however, purely for fun and not to be taken seriously. With that in mind, check out what Chris' full name, Christopher, says about him and where it comes from. You can check out your name, too, but remember - it's just for fun!
CHRISTOPHER (m) "bearing Christ" from Late Greek Christos and pherein "to bear, to carry". Christopher was the legendary saint who carried young Jesus across a river. He is the patron saint of travellers. Christopher Columbus was the explorer who reached the West Indies in the 15th century.
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