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  1. The way he makes you really wanna be Maggie Lawson in "Model Behavior."

  1. The way he says "It's gonna be me."

  1. The way his curls bounce in the "Bye Bye Bye" video.

  1. The way he isn't afraid to burp on national television.

  1. The way he enjoys shaking his booty in concert just as much as you enjoy watching him do it.

  1. The way he shows that he would be such a great boyfriend, even if you don't like who his girlfriend is.

  1. The way his tongue seems to leap out of his mouth quite often in pictures.

  1. The way he's self-conscious about his curls.

  1. The way you can always count on him to wear baby blue, and the way it always looks good on him.

  1. The way he made up the "Joey has a big ol' butt" song and made it hilarious to watch.

  1. From Porsch89: I luv justin the most because he has puppy eyes and he has muscles and I would like to meet him because he is such a doll baby and hot.

  1. From JCslims: Why I love Justin is because of the way he acts. He is such a clown and he has quite a personality. He is my hottie tottie and my dream man. I even got my 4 year old Niece liking him.

  1. From AEF: I like Justin cause hes a very open minded person......and got to love that cute butt of his!

  1. From Randi: the reason why i love justin is because of the way he sings, and acts toward his fans! and he is sooooooo hot!(i see u justin shaking that cute butt of yours!)

  1. From T. : I like Justin because he is a really sweet person, and you can tell he is. He has also been a real role model to me. My wish is that one day I can tell him that to his face!!!!!! He is cute but that is not why I like him.

  1. From Nikki C.: Justin has a great sense of humor. He has a cute butt, a nice smile and when he sings he makes me want to shake my groove thing.

  1. From Amanda: Just to let all of you know, Justin is MINE!!!! I love Justin because he has a wonderful voice, HOTT butt, great personality, and a gorgeous smile! The concert at Hershey was AWESOME!

  1. From Timbrlksbabe: The way he is so caring and he is appreciative of all his fans he is such a good role model. I would love to tell him that to his face! His butt, his sexy smile, and his sweet eyes!!!Everything about him is to die for and he is the sweetest guy alive!!! I love Justin!!!! He is sooooooooooooo HOTT!!!!!!!!!

  1. From Strbkts88: o my god there are too many reasons for me to like justin timberlake, but i will write a few of them!! his sexy body, his kindness towards people, he is sssssooo caring and if my boy looked like him damn gurl...! he sings sssooo great i have been to over 7 concerts of theirs and they were great!!!! justin is my favorite and i would give n e thing in the world to meet him

  1. From Babyrose601: The reason why I love Justin is because he's a sensitive person. He should be named butter because when you see him you just melt from that adorable face of his. I also love him for his curly hair see I know how hard it is to have curly hair and it does wanna make you cut it all off sometimes. I don't only love him for his looks though also because he's open minded and outgoing, sweet, and talented.

  1. From DodgeEs: Justin is so HOTT! He has a great personality and very beautiful smile!!

22. From Danielle: I love Justin because he's sweet, caring, sensitive, and not to mention HOTT! He has the sexiest smile, the hottest butt, and the biggest muscles. He also has the nicest chest.
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