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  1. The way he closes his eyes and touches his heart when he's singing, truly feeling the music.

  1. The way you can tell "You Don't Have To Be Alone" came straight from his heart.

  1. The way he licks the microphone during "Digital Get Down" in the HBO special.

  1. The way his beautiful eyes twinkle when he's onstage.

  1. The way he says "I'm not crazy" during the pie-throwing skit on MMC.

  1. The way he thought up "Wi-yi-yi-yipee-yi-yay-yipee-yi-yo-yipee-yi-yay..."

  1. The way he makes the worst fashion mistakes sometimes (3 letters: VMAs) but ends up looking amazing anyway.

  1. The way he makes you wonder what prompted "No Strings Attached."

  1. The way he makes you wonder even more what prompted "Digital Get Down."

  1. The way he makes you wanna help him so bad in the "I Drive Myself Crazy" video.

  1. The way he made you cry when he introduced "For The Girl Who Has Everything" during the "Ain't No
Stopping Us Now" tour.

  1. The way he seems to assure you he's looking at only you when you think he is during a show.

  1. The way he does "...Baby come on, I..." in the "Bye Bye Bye" video.

  1. The way he is so adorable with the little boy he holds in the "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" video.

  1. The way his fear of needles shows you that he's not perfect, which is even better.

  1. The way he blows off the CD, gives Lance a detirmined look, and starts the music again in the "Bye Bye Bye" video.

  1. The way his dance moves are always totally superior, even if he does miss his flips. ;-)

  1. From Leonleonrara: His gorgeous, kind, and sweet-looking smile.

  1. From Bobbee: the way he is always concerned about everyone but himself, he could get into a car accident and not be able to walk, but somehow he get's over to whoever else is hurt and helps them, he's totally selfless and that's why I love him.

20. From Ingaji: His gorgeous eyes.
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