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Hey Guys!
Please take a minute to read this...
I know I've been a terrible webmaster over the past several months. Yes, hurl your insults at me now, because it's true. But guess what! Starting December 3, 2001, *NSYNC Palace will be the way a great *NSYNC site is supposed to be. All of the awesome submissions you all have sent will be posted, I'll have a brand spanking new contest for everyone to enter, all the pages will be updated (including all the pictures being posted and finally more complete), and there will be other new stuff for everyone to see and do. Think of combining all of the awesome content and attitude of the old site with updated info and way better organization. Yes, I'm way psyched, too.
So, I'm asking all of *NSYNC Palace's visitors to do two things for me. (Don't worry! They're not hard.)
1) E-mail me your ideas and stories. Was there something you really liked about the site before that you want me to keep? Something you'd love to see? PLUS, send me your accounts of concerts, sound check parties, or times you bumped into the guys. Whether it's just a sentence or a 50-page essay, I want to see it! Send it