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(2/26) from E! Online:  Don't insult Justin Timberlake (be you fan or not), 'cause he just might pin you up against a wall and yell at you!
    A 15-year-old 'N Sync fan from St. Louis is suing the young singer for false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress after an alleged incident at a local hotel.
    Danielle McGuire was in the Chase Park Plaza lobby to greet 'N Sync, but when every member of the band save Timberlake talked to the fans, she shouted out, "I like JC better anyway, he's cuter!"
    According to McGuire's lawyer, John Wallach, a security guard appproached her to confirm she had made the comment. When McGuire said yes, he told her to follow him upstairs.
    The suit alleges the security guard wouldn't let McGuire tell her mother she was leaving the lobby.
    McGuire says Timberlake then met up with her in the hotel, where he (allegedly) backed her up against a wall and proceeded to berate her for her comment.
    "[McGuire] said he went on and on, and wouldn't stop," Wallach told "He was right in her face, saying things over and over again."
    During this tete-a-tete, McGuire's mother tried to get upstairs, but hotel security barred the way. A family friend, KSDK news anchor Randy Jackson, was allowed upstairs.
    Jackson told Wallach that when he got upstairs, Timberlake was yelling at McGuire. When Timberlake saw the newsman, he limped away, saying that his leg hurt, Wallach alleges.
    "We tried to resolve this quietly," Wallach said. "But 'N Sync's lawyer told me they weren't interested."
    Neither 'N Sync nor Wallach was available for comment.
    A jury will determine damages in the suit if and when it goes to court.
    'N Sync's multiplatinum No Strings Attached, released in March, is currently number nine on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The band will perform during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXV, January 28 in Tampa.

-- by Emily Farache

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