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July 10, 2001

So many updates! Check out all the sections 'cuz most of them have changed somehow! I update little things often, but this was a biggie. Group pics are finally up and pretty, check out the awesome "Celebrity" preview, new "Theme Songs" section (replacing the dead-and-buried "Merchandise"), "You Don't Have To Be Alone" sounds *prays it'll work*, new lyrics and more highlight the changes. Hope you enjoy it all and keep visiting!


April 10, 2001

Releases, Tour, Appearances, From The World of *NSYNC, Why We Loves for Chris, Justin, and Joey, theme songs, and My Take have all been updated. Keep sending in your awesome input, and I'll keep posting it here at *NSYNC Palace, which I'm striving to make a very interactive site where your ideas count, too. Look for a contest here very soon, and write me on what else you'd like to see. Keep in touch, and stay *NSYNC!


March 18, 2001

Just refining the stuff that didn't work last week (arrgh!) and, well, sorry, but there'll be a delay on Sounds until I can figure out what's going wrong. More Why We Love for JC, and, of course, Lance (y'all REALLY love him!) New links and banners, and a few new deals to get involved in, especially if you loved the IWYB vid, or if you're pissed about Meet and Greets getting the axe. All other things should be current *I think!* so enjoy!


March 3, 2001

What's up? I'm way busy makin' lots of changes here at *NSYNC Palace, 'cuz there's a lot of *NSYNC stuff going on right now! Wow! So, for the updates, here ya go...

-  JC's Room Poll should finally work (it took long enough...)
-  Brand-new pop-up for Blockbuster Awards voting when you enter the site. Thanks
to nsyncworldwide, and please vote everyone!
-  From The World of *NSYNC now features articles on the new album and Justin's lawsuit.
-  "Speechless" is finally finished! Enjoy! Thanks to all of you who asked about it and gave me your thoughts, and look for my new story coming soon!
-  Y'all love Lance! Well, seriously, I've gotten more "Why We Love Lance" submissions than everything else recently! Here's three more fans' reasons why they're captivated by those green eyes...
-  Yup, you love Justin, too. Here's yet another fan who can't keep her mind off him...
-  You guys were tired of the Billboard pics in "Tribute", weren't you? No fear, because now I have even cooler "Simpsons" pics from the hilarious show!
-  Another wallpaper at your service! I promise to keep adding more soon!
-  Links have been updated (check out the cute new JC girl banner!)
-  Appearances, as always, are updated.
-  Tour, as all official dates have now been released. Hope you guys can all get tickets!
-  Chris and Danielle chatted with Yahoo and Amuznet recently, read their hilarious conversation in "Interviews"!
-  The biggest news of all...I have sounds! "You Don't Have To Be Alone" and "Yo Te Voy A Amar" are featured. Cool, huh?
-  Lastly, concert pics are finally here. Thanks to Kelly for the scanning, and Dad for taking the pics!

Until next time, peace, *Lauren*

February 18, 2001

Hey all...Wow, okay, there's been a big problem with AOL and everything, and I can't get any mail that y'all have sent me since about December. If you have sent me something that hasn't gotten a response or hasn't been posted, I'm so sorry, but I have no way of retrieving it. Please send any and all submissions, thoughts, etc. to and I WILL get it. K? Sorry sorry sorry for the mess, it won't happen again, I promise!!

Now, for the updates! *NSYNC Needs You, Appearances, Site Info, Tour, theme songs, Lyrics, Contact *NSYNC, Wallpaper, JC's Room Poll, and just about everything else has been updated. Check it out, and don't forget to tell me what else you want to see here. Bye Bye Bye for now!


January 28, 2001 (Happy BDay Joey!)

Wow! I did a lot today, including a brand-new navigational bar so it's MUCH easier to get around now. Some of the new features aren't up quite yet, but they will be very soon. Let me know if any problems occur with the sort-of new layout.

Other than that, some normal updates, Appearances, Interviews, many of the Why We Love... on the guys' pages, *NSYNC Needs You, Fan Forum (What Do You Think?) on Fashion, etc.

Oh, and I have a new e-mail address because of AOL problems. It's, so please note the change. Much more to come soon!