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When I published an E-Online article featuring JC and his, um, interesting fashion choices, I got a big response from fans about his and all of *NSYNC's clothing items. Here's a few so far, and remember, if you have any thoughts to contribute, send 'em to me here.

From TLFraney:  I think JC is very cute but he obviously is in serious need of a woman to dress him properly and fix his hair!!!  He's looking terrible lately.  The ugly pants and hair have just got to go!

From  LiLpNaYsTaR707:  I agree. JC needs some fashion with his cute face!

From NJSAshme:  I think this style is ok but a little unusual but everyone has the choice on what they like to wear and I think that is fine.

From leonleonrara:  First of all I think JC is just sooooo cute. But nowadays JC has been having problems with fashion. I think it all started in the 200 VMA'S. When he wore that coat. But oh well we all make mistakes. Now, he does need somebody to help him. Like I said before I totally think, no, I KNOW JC is sooo cute, but I think he made another mistake by changing his hair. He had a very good look, nice and short. But he changed it to.... I don't even know what. I wished he would change it back. He still looks and will always continue to look good but he needs to fix some things. That way he will look even more good than he already is.