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This is a brand-new section, aimed to bring you the latest updates on all of *NSYNC's newsworthy stories. If you know of a subject you'd like to read for about that I don't have featured, let me know.


- NSYNC Sticks To Formula On Next Album (from Allstar)
- NSYNC To Release "Celebrity" June 26 (from MTV)
- Lance Names More Songs For New Album (from MuchMusic)
- Complete Track-by-Track "Celebrity" Review (from


- NSYNC Fan Says Timberlake Harassed Her (from E! Online)

Lemme just say, by posting this info, that does not mean that I in any way believe any of this. I'm simply posting news and info here that is relevant and *NSYNC-related; in other words, things fans are interested in knowing more about. Especially concerning the Justin case, please don't ask me how I dare to agree with this, because in reality, I probably agree with you. Essentially, if it concerns *NSYNC, I'll post it, just so you guys can have the scoop.