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Here's where I let it all out on how I feel about *NSYNC-related stuff. Read it, then let me know how you feel. I might post some responses in a fan forum.

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Ok, you know I had to tackle this subject sometime, so here goes my take on *NSYNC girlfriends.

First of all, I think people who wish that the guys would just not date anyone are being completely unrealistic. No matter how many adoring fans *NSYNC has, they're entitled to a personal life and their privacy should be respected. That's the end of that story, period.

Now that we've established that, I have to say that I was a typical fan when I first heard anything about any of the guys being in serious relationships. I was shocked, then appalled, then angry and a complete girlfriend-hater. I think all fans go through that, especially when their fave guy suddenly has someone new on his arm. But after I got over my initial reactions, I started to really consider the guys' relationships, and this is how I feel now.

As far as Justin and Britney go, I was, of course, one of those people who cheered every time he said "We're just friends." But since the official announcement of their relationship, I've read what they've said about each other, what other people say about them when they're together, and how they act in situations together. I realized then that Justin and Brit are happy, and a really sweet couple. They have something special. I put a lot of trust into Justin and his judgement, and my overall opinion is that if they're happy, I'm happy.

As far as Bobbee and JC go, that's a little tougher for me, as I've always been a bit too protective about my fave *NSYNCer. I was a complete Bobbee-hater at first, which I now really regret. I've heard a lot of stories about how mean she is to fans, how possessive she is of JC, and how rude she is to everyone involved with *NSYNC. And while they may all be true, I can't help but feel bad for her. I, again, put a lot of credit into JC and all of his choices, so I highly doubt that Bobbee is really the terrible person she gets labeled as being. As I have never encountered her, my opinion will stay that she is a good person and is a great person for JC. Although it hurts a little because, you know, those fantasies about the guys holding out for you are always there, I've accepted their relationship and I figure that if JC loves her a lot like he says he does (and she loves him back), then that's all that really matters.

So, I guess overall I'm glad I've been able to take a bit more mature look at the guys and their significant others. And although I still cringe when I see each of them at an awards show holding hands with  the woman next to them, I'm glad they've found some love in a business that makes it extremely hard.

So, everyone has an opinion on *NSYNC's love lives. What's yours? I'm all ears. Write me here.

Check out what other fans had to say to me below!

From leonleonrara:  I totally agree with you. J.C. too is my fav *Nsyncer and when I found out about him and Bobbie I was very heartbroken. But as time passed I really got over it, because I realized that if J.C. is happy with Bobbie then that's what really matters (him being happy). Even though, I'm not thrilled about him being with her. But who am I to say who he can go out with and who he can't. As for the rest of the guys it goes the same. As long as they are happy it's all good. They deserve it. But what will make me mad is to see the guys with a broken heart. THAT they don't deserve, not at all. Also one more thing, I still do get a weird feeling in my stomach when I see J.C. with Bobbie in pics, tv, or wherever else. But oh well.