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1. The way no matter what color his hair is, it always looks cool.

From Carolina:  
2. He is such a cutie!!!! The way he runs around stage and always smiles!!!!!
3. He makes the funniest  faces...and looks adorable doing it!!!
4. He is not perfect, thats what makes him soooo appealing. He is sexxxyyyyyy!!!! jeje
5. His eyes.
6. He is such an Italian stallion!!!!!!!
7. Joey is just ADORABLE!!!!! and Hot!!!! in his own little way.

8. From Agnes: How he loves everything Superman and looks soo happy and cute when someone gives him something SM and looks at you with those dreamy eyes and says I'll never lose this b/c its from you.

Now that Carolina and Agnes have helped me out, these reasons look a bit better. But I want to know what you think! If you send me your reasons, I'll post them and give YOU the credit. What a deal! Send them here.