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You'll find the latest transcripts of my favorite *NSYNC chats on this page from now on!

*NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick
Yahoo! Chat

The following is a transcription of an online chat that occurred with *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick and Danielle Raabe of FuMan Skeeto, February 15th, 2001.

Sabrina: Hi, how are you?

Chris Kirkpatrick: I'm doing great! I'm on a cell phone right now, on my way from my office at FuMan to the recording studio We're in the middle of the new album. We have about 6 songs finished recording. The new tour is going to be great, like 35 stadiums this summer.

funottyornice: What can we expect from this upcoming line?

Danielle Raabe: We have a jean line coming out, Bloomingdales. Our new spring line comes out in March,, in Bloomingdales and Nordstroms and Van Mures. Online we will have the fashion show and still pictures.
Chris Kirkpatrick: The fashion show will be right after the chat at Because it just seemed like the thing to do. :) All the other kids were doing it. :)

nsyncgirlique0: Hey Chris! Happy belated Valentine's Day! What did you and the guys do for it yesterday? Will you be my Valentine? :) Love ya, Corey

Chris Kirkpatrick: Ha! I was in the studio recording.
Danielle Raabe: We saw Saving Silverman.
Chris Kirkpatrick: That was two nights ago.
Danielle Raabe: Technically Valentines Day because it was midnight when we got out.
Chris Kirkpatrick: I'm single now... I just kind of hang around now.

monicaming: Chris who is your date for the grammys?

Danielle Raabe: His mom is going. How cute is that????

sweetypie_m: What are you going to do about making larger sized clothing?

Danielle Raabe: It depends on the retail outlet. Each store has their own sizes, we make them from size 2-14, but it's up to the stores. The store will say we only want three sizes.
Chris Kirkpatrick: Back to the relationship... me and Dani are still really good friends, we're really close, she's one of my closest friends. But technically we're both single.
Danielle Raabe: Anyways... back to the sizes... we can make a size 18 or whatever, but it's up to the stores on what sizes they buy.

monicaming: Chris, Where do you see FuMan in ten years? Do you still see you and Dani working together?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Above everyhting else, she's still my buddy. We are pals, we are like chums.
Danielle Raabe: Chris and I hang out and watch football together, perfect relationship now:)
Chris Kirkpatrick: We are really good friends, so it helps out in working, the relationship works out now. We care about each other enough that our friendship will always be in tact and the company will always be in tact.

fugrlsket: CHRIS, Are you going to make any FuManSkeeto swimsuits?

Chris Kirkpatrick: We'd love to do a lot of stuff, we'd love to do a swimsuit line, I'd like to have guys speedos come back, hot pink.
Danielle Raabe: Chris really digs those hot pink speedos.

addicted2mtv: What is the biggest advantage to having your own clothing line? --Sheila, TX.

Chris Kirkpatrick: Free clothes:) Yesterday I went to the office and I had sweatshirt on and I was really hot. So I asked if we had any shirts that I could wear, and my very very nice assistant Erin said "Yes, this is a clothing company you idiot":)

toria925: Is fumanskeeto's clothes going to be any cheaper in the future, because Bloomingdale's is a pretty pricey store!

Chris Kirkpatrick: To us, it's quality not quantity, so we think the price is pretty reasonable. We could have made a whole bunch of really cheap t-shirts. But our t-shirts are made comfortable and are going to last. You are going to get what you pay for, it's not over priced, or under priced. It's worth the money you pay for, you don't pay for the name.
Danielle Raabe: We believe in quality. We believe that when you wear it you will be proud to wear it because you like it that much!

joeysneck: Hey Chris! When's the next mens line coming out?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Men's line is coming out this spring at Bloomingdales.Starting out with some shirts, just to get the name out there. By summer and fall we'll have a lot of more advanced stuff out later on. We have a lot of custom stuff that me and theg roup wear, but later on we will have stuff like that.

jeter_jet_12: Dani, does Chris drive you crazy sometimes with his craziness?

Danielle Raabe: One of the things I like most about Chris is his humor. It's great, he always makes me laugh. Sometimes he's a little over the top, but it's still one of the best parts of him. I think he drives the rest of the guys in the group crazy, hehe :)

buttercup29488: Do you have a girlfriend right now?

Chris Kirkpatrick: I'm too much of a free spirit, I'm not into dating right now. I have such a good friendship with Danielle, that's all I really care about Last person I kissed? Danielle Raabe. :) But we're just really good friends now:)

ice_garden8: So, what is your favorite EXTREME sport?

Chris Kirkpatrick: I like snowboarding. Last year was the last time, been a while. I like skating. In-line skating like my whole life.

kaydie_2005_2000: Where did you get the name "FuManSkeeto"?

Chris Kirkpatrick: I was with a friend of mine, and we were just writing songs just chilling out doing stuff with guitars. This mosquito came in and I just had my braids cut off and the mosquito landed next to the braids.

djmusicfms: What's your favorite piece of clothing from the new line and why?

Chris Kirkpatrick: And I picked it up and I said, look it's a fumanskeeto, and it just stuck. There's this guys t-shirt that has the name written on it that I really like a lot, and there were some baseball shirts, and we had some hats. I don't know.

toria925: When you're on tour for so long, do you guys ever get sick of each other? and if you fight, what do you do afterwards, apologize? Walk out? What?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Of course we get sick of each other, we've known each other for years, we've been hanging around. We fight. We don't fight a lot, it never gets serious. We've only had like 3 or 4 serious fights amongst the group. But you just kind of get over it. You realize you fight over stupid things, talk about it and move on.

ice_garden8: Where do you like to shop?

Chris Kirkpatrick: I like to shop at Pacific Sunwaer, and probably Nordstroms.
Danielle Raabe: I've always been a fan at Nordstroms, great customer service.
Chris Kirkpatrick: Bloomingdales is cool too:)
Danielle Raabe: In L.A. though I really like going to Melrose, they have great shops.
Chris Kirkpatrick: It's all about Best Buy and Costco for me.
Danielle Raabe: Chris LOVES Costco! He goes every weekend! Even if he doesn't buy anything, he just likes to go there.

carla_enge_2002: What kind of music do you like?

Danielle Raabe: Tamia for me.
Chris Kirkpatrick: I like that song by Crazy Town,"Butterfly".
Danielle Raabe: I love Tamia, she has the best song out right now.

jeter_jet_12: Chris - Is there any other things you wanna do besides Music and Clothes?

Chris Kirkpatrick: We're doing the whole production thing with FuMan. I was actually at the office today listening to tapes of people. It's just interesting to help things along. We have a lot of ideas with what we want to do from a cartoon to toys.
Danielle Raabe: With the production company.. Chris listens to every tape that comes in, if you guys want to get your voice heard, he listens to everything. Chris has the most incredible ear, he knows what's going to be a hit, he has a really good ear for it. So if any of you want to be in the music industry feel free to send your stuff to us, but they have to be cover songs, not original music.

jrtlover77: Chris, when you had those dreads at the billboard awards was it your hair or fake hair?

Chris Kirkpatrick: It was my hair. I just put some dreads in it. It kind of represents my freedom, and my own personal direction I'm taking myself. I don't do things to impress people, I just do it.
Danielle Raabe: I love his hair, Chris has the best hair. It's so beautiful, that's why I love it short!

balloonatics_entertainment: Hey, why have the models on your site been decapitated?

Danielle Raabe: We're going to be doing a model search soon.

iwantlanceinmypants: Is there any plans to extentd the line

Danielle Raabe: All the girls that you are going to see in the fashion show are just friends of ours.
Chris Kirkpatrick: Well we started already, it's at Eaton's in Canada, but we want to head over to Europe. We are a very small company right now trying to go big scale, so going global is like large scale
Danielle Raabe: And actually Fu means style in Japan.

addicted2mtv: How's Ron Irizarry been doing? does he wear Fumanskeeto? --Sheila, TX.

Chris Kirkpatrick: He wears FuMan Skeeto, he's with the production company. This is so cool, because I feel like a company because we are in "contract negotiations" so that makes me feel like a company:) He and I are just kind of working on music. We're just letting the music stuff work itself out. We're always going to be here with Ron. One of our things in our mission statement is we're not here to have our lawyers run all over people. We're honestly here all along to further people's careers. When we started with Ron he didn't have anything, and we took him in and told him tell us what you need and we'll give it to you.

addicted2mtv: How did you two meet? --sheila, tx

Danielle Raabe: Well also what we do is give people the opportunity. Chris gave Ron the opportunity to open in front of thousands of people. We met in San Jose almost 3 years ago.
Chris Kirkpatrick: She was holding on to the limo when we were driving away, and we got into the highway and she was still holding on, so I was so impressed by her holding on to the limo for three miles, we pulled over and I asked her out, lol. :)

sweetkisses_4me_2001: What do you do in your free time?

Danielle Raabe: Well we just kind of went out as friends. I was in Orlando with my mom and my sister, and I had the opportunity to go out with Chris, and we did. Then Chris cooked breakfast for me and my mom and my mom loved him after that.
Chris Kirkpatrick: Play video games!
Danielle Raabe: That's why we broke up, lol :)
Chris Kirkpatrick: Right now it's Madden on Playstation 2.
Danielle Raabe: My favorite game is NHL 2000. Chris has never beat me on that. Chris can't beat me in darts... He beat me once, and that's it.

shygurl571986: Would you date a fan?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Well, I dated Danielle Raabe. :) It all depends on the circumstances. Somebody can be a fan of yours and not even have your CD.

hype_32s: What's your favorite place to eat?

Chris Kirkpatrick: The movie theatre. Dirty hotdogs and nachos.

nauticagurl99: Can you tell us a little bit about the next album?

Danielle Raabe: Let me tell you, we will go out to dinner, and he will wait to eat to have the movie theatre food.
Chris Kirkpatrick: The sound is going to change and grow and be a little more than before. When we come out with an album the sound comes a little more stagnant. so with every album we try to change the sound up a little bit and the style.

catherineq24: What is the one thing in the world you treasure the most?

Chris Kirkpatrick: My viper, my Bruce Lee autograph.
Danielle Raabe: Mine is Chris' friendship.
Chris Kirkpatrick: Whatever, liar:) The fashion show? Girls are running around in clothes.... Go to after the chat to see the new spring line.
Danielle Raabe: If you don't see certain things in the stores that you see in our fashion show, you can request it, they will let us know and we will get it to them.

addicted2mtv: Is it ever hard balancing the fumanskeeto clothing line with your active role in *NSYNC? --sheila, tx

Chris Kirkpatrick: I take up most of my time with the group especially right now that we're back in the studio recording. I'm always here for the ideas though. Danielle, Erin and Dave and Dan do most of the everyday work at FuMan Skeeto.
Danielle Raabe: Chris has great ideas and he's very creative. We look at him when we sit down at our meetings to come up with the ideas, he comes up with the best. He's a great motivator.

shygurl571986: Will there ever be a clothing line from ur dog, Busta?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Busta has been talking to me about that... he's actually back in school actually. Busta is a good dog, but he has been corrupted by the dog Korea. This little one has totally turned Busta to the dark side. He told Busta that it's cool to go to the bathroom on the carpet.
Danielle Raabe: I just want to say that Korea has never peed in the house. Everyone out there: Chris taught Busta that it was right to go to the bathroom in the bathtub.

nauticagurl99: Has there ever been a nasty rumor about you that has actually bothered you?

Chris Kirkpatrick: No I don't care. There's tons of rumors going around. I don't care. I don't let them effect me.

jcluvababee21: Would you ever have the other guys from Nsync model clothes for you? -Mia PA

Chris Kirkpatrick: Oh sure, we're going to give every member in the group custom pieces

superslut69ca: Who's your best friend from the group?

Chris Kirkpatrick: I don't know, I'm friends with all of them, it depends on the situation on who you talk to. I live down the street from Justin.

tweetie_birdie_05: What store can I buy FuMan in Canada?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Eatons.
Danielle Raabe: We're looking foward to an exclusive thing with Eatons, and ad campaigns and stuff and all sorts of stuff.

addicted2mtv: What do you consider your best trait? --sheila, tx

Chris Kirkpatrick: Just have fun, I don't get caught up in the drama, i just like to have a good time. I like to try to have everyone around me have a good time. There are a lot of times I'm sad, there are so many times you can't just let it get to you. The only thing that could really depress me is if something happened to my family. But if it's just little things, then I'll just move on.
Danielle Raabe: I think I can be really goofy and silly, and a lot of people don't appreciate my goofiness, I really don't care how silly I am, I just like joking around and cracking jokes, Because when I grow up I want to be a comedian.

delicious_cutie_2000: R u guys going to have a runway show on E!

Danielle Raabe: We would love to do a runway show on E.

brady_bunch2004: Are you worried about this record not breaking the records like the last one did?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Chris: That rumor is true also;) We haven't even thought about that. We're worried about people not liking where we go with the album. We're trying to figure out our niche musically and what we all enjoy and where music is going. If we concern ourselves with records and all of that, it;'s going to take away from the album.

hssinger00: What is a typical day like?

Chris Kirkpatrick: There is no typical day. Sometimes you get a week where you get 7 typical days, but then the next week it's totally different If we're on tour, wake up at like 10 or 11 go to the venue, sound check, promotions, 2-3 hour long meet and greet and meet as many fans as we can before the show. If it's recording, we go to the studio until your parts are done and leave anywhere from 5pm to 5am.

addicted2mtv: Have you had any disasters about the clothing line so far? --sheila, tx

Chris Kirkpatrick: With some people that we've hired.... Besides that, there hasn't really been any major hurdles. The funniest thing is that we started out thinking it was going to be soo easy.
Danielle Raabe: Those were the days!:) Big ups to our Fu family
Chris Kirkpatrick: And to all of our little Fus in Fuville! :) Log on to right now!!!