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On His Best Quality: "I'm really hardheaded at times. If something pisses me off or I know something's wrong, I'll fight and I won't stop until it's done the right way."

On Justin's Best Pickup Line: "I'm Justin, and I don't need a line. I just sing a little bit and all the girls are like 'Ohhhhh.'"

On Little League: "Wouldn't you always get totally pissed at the kids who couldn't even hit the freakin' ball off the T?"

On His Sno-Cone Job: "One time this bug flew into a cone I was making, but I didn't want to scoop it out because the customers were watching. So I just kind of covered it up."

On Why He Can't Really Date: "You can try to have a relationship, but then it ends like mine did. You're always on the road and you can't be the boyfriend you want to be."

On Their White House Visit: "We were throwing popcorn at everybody, and trying to hit Bill Clinton in the head...He wouldn't participate, but it was such a blast."

On JC's Coolest Deed: "Once, Leonardo DiCaprio said something about us to one of our mutual friends, and JC went up to him and said, 'So I heard you were talking smack about us?' and Leo was just like, 'No, no!' He thought we were seriously mad. That was pretty funny."

On How Justin's Most Changed: "He grew, like, two feet."

On PDA: "Well, there are different levels of PDA. Like if you get a nice kiss, or hold hands or that kind of stuff, that's fine. But I don't like it when people are just going at it in front of someone. It's like, 'Hello, get a room.'"