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On Justin's Comment That Joey Definitely Won't Be The First In The Group To Get Married: "How does he know? He doesn't know. I probably will not be married for a while, but I'm sure in two years or whatever, there might be that one girl I want to be serious with."

On How Many Girls He's Dated At One Time: "I think three was the most."

On Chris' Perspiration: "Chris is sugar. He sweats sugar."

On JC's Most Annoying Trait: "He can't follow things. I'll be like, 'Look over there - beautiful girl.' and he'll be like, 'What? Where?' He's awful."

On JC's Comment That Lance Has Changed Most Visually: "Yeah, man, he had a bulb-head haircut when we first started!"

On His Backstage Habits: "I'm always running around. I don't know why."

On No Strings Attached's Debut at #1: "We knew that we were going to sell something, but mot to that stature. We are very excited and very thankful. We really didn't break the record...The fans broke the record. They're the ones that helped us do that. We can't thank them enough."

On His Worst Habit: "Biting my nails. And I talk a lot - I ramble on."

On What Might Surprise Fans: "That I sucked in school! I was awful in school! I did so many other things, like chorus, dance, and drama, that I was never in class."

On What A Girl Could Do To Warm His Heart: "Stick me in a tanning bed!"

On PDA: "Sometimes I'm against it, sometimes I'm not. Because if you love somebody that much that you just can't help it and you gotta kiss them, do it! Then there are some times, of course, not to do it. I don't do it often."

On What He'd Do If The World Was Going To End In Five Minutes: "I would do a little dance, then whatever. There would be no point in even worrying about it because if you know you're going to die, you're going to die. So, it's just like, 'Woo-hoo!' Just run around naked and do a dance."