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On Who JC Looks Like: "My name's JC, and I think I look just like Madonna!"

When Asked If He'd Pee In A Wetsuit: "I would, and I have."

On No Strings Attached: "I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I really feel like we took some big steps, and that we're trying to change the sound of pop music in general."

On Lance's Best Quality: "He throws a good party, man."

On Joey's Helpfulness: "Sometimes I get shy when I talk to a girl, and Joey will help me."

On Getting A Speeding Ticket: "I wasn't about to [say to the officer], 'Hey, do you want an autograph and not give me a ticket?' I was speeding, he caught me, and I learned my lesson."

On First Impressions: "I think people's first impression of me is a bit misleading, because when I first meet people, I keep to myself. I listen before I speak."

On His Worst Habit: "My procrastination habits are overwhelming. But my worst habit is probably...that I take everything to heart, I really do. Especially the music that we do because it means so much to me. So I think I'm a bit sesitive."

On His Past Outfits: "I wore some pretty silly stuff when I was 13. I always wore these big hippy hats and the big wide leg baggy jeans. And I was such a little shrimp, so I looked like I was drowning in my clothing."

On His Hair: "I hated my hair. That was the thing everybody teased me about: They called me Brillo Pad. I was always trying to either straighten the crap out of it or cut it all off. I couldn't deal. In second grade, I took, like, paper scissors and just cut my hair all uneven. I was like, 'I can't stand this...snip, snip, snip.' That's the only time I ever really got a spanking."

On His Relationship Tendencies: "Every relationship I've been in, I've eventually overwhelmed the girl because they just can't handle all the love. Honestly! That's always been my dilemma." (awww!)

On Past Relationships: "Most of the girls I've been with have cheated on me."

On How He Felt About That: "I went through a peroid when I was disgusted. I'd totally given myself to somebody, and she took it for granted and I was like, 'What is anything worth?' I kinda felt like it was all just a game, and I wasn't into playing that game. So I just despised women for about half a year."

On His Favorite Present: "I remember when I got my first TV. That was great. And with it I had Nintendo, so I was Super Mario-ed out. That was when I was very, very young. None of my friends had it yet, so I was like 'Yes, I'm so cool.'"

On Why They Teamed With McDonald's: "Joey wanted to be on a fry box!"

The Best Justin Quote of All
When Asked: "Have you ever looked in the mirror naked and done the shake-it dance and thought you looked good?" "shake-it dance" was defined as "move your hips from side to side."
Justin's Answer: "That question is so Chris. My answer is: Every morning when I wake up. Right after I get out of the shower, I do the shake-it dance." (and we needed to know that...)