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On What He Values Most About Himself: "My honesty. My motto is: Anything I say, I should be able to say it right to someone's face."

On Why He's Hyper: "The truth is, I'm hypoglycemic. If I have sugar, I go nuts. But as soon as I get off that sugar high, I crash big-time."

On Lance's Attributes: "I'm Lance, and my best quality is my big booty."

On His Worst-Ever Hairstyle: "Well, I had braids on top of my head and I put them in a ponytail...No - I take it back. In the early 90s I actually had a pulse shaved on the side of my head, and then I had the front bleached blond. I thought I was Vanilla Ice."

On Why They Did SNL: "The Backstreet Boys were busy, so they booked us!"

On JC's Mistakes: "He broke my favorite lava lamp and got goop all over my floor."

On Joey's Fashion Sense: "He's a fashion victim. When we first got together, he'd wear something just a little tacky. Now, it's full-blown Chewbacca."

On Why He Dumped The Braids: "I just needed a change. It was getting old. For a long time I was the only one in the group who had any color or anything on my head. But when everybody gets on the boat, you jump off."

On What He Likes In A Girl: "I like a girl who can sing. I would love it if a girl had a really beautiful voice and she, like, hummed in my ear."

On What He'd Be If He Wasn't Singing: "Broke!"

On His Fame: "The best thing about being famous is you get free ice cream."