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On His Favorite Cartoon: "I'm actually very fond of 'The Simpsons'. I believe they turned it into a modern day classic."

On The Biggest Rumor About Him That Isn't True: "I'm not PREGNANT!"

On His Occupation: "[I'm a] plumber." (Okay...)

On What He Likes: "I love when people recognize we're humble, we're real. It puts me at ease to know that people still think that we're down to earth."

On . . . Soup: "I love soup. I absolutely think soup is the greatest thing on the planet! I can't say enough about it."

On Who He'd Like To Collaborate With: "I'd love to work with Michael Jackson. If his new album wasn't done, I'd give him a call right now."

On Being Called "Backstreet Wannabes": "Actually, people make a bigger deal out of it than we do. We just do what we do day in and day out: our music and our shows. We don't worry about comparisons to anything like that."

On Their Live Show: "We want people to walk away amazed."

On the Group's Status: "If you're number one, there's nowhere to go but down. It's just a matter of, are you going to put the time in to climb back up?"

On His Songwriting: "You never know when [a song] is going to hit you, and you're thankful when it does. You can't write a great song every day."

On His Talent: "I'm not a talented person! I'm faking it!"

On the Group's Bond: "We love each other...There's a trust that just goea beyond. You don't have to worry about anything."

On "Space Cowboy": "That song is about how we'd live in outer space if the world blew cowboys."

On Chrismas Shopping: "I'm defiantly a procrastinator when it comes to physically buying them."

On the Internet: "[When] I write back, all of a sudden I'll get like a billion hits the next day because I actually replied."

On Breaking Up: To heal a broken heart, "You have to concentrate on being yourself again."

On the Orgin of His Last Name: "It's French. My dad's families are from Louisiana. It's that whole Creole thing."

On the Fans: "My favorite thing about the fans is that they feel personable to us. Some of them get emotional, but a lot of them are comfortable around us. I like the fact that they don't mind communicating with us"

On Family Trips: "We were like the Griswalds from National Lampoon's Family Vacation. We traveled out West, we would drive anywhere- we've been to Mount Rushmore, we've seen freak shows on Route 66, we've seen it all. Middle America, out West, we've been to cowboy towns, all that stuff"

On His Last Name: "Everybody thinks I'm Spanish and 80% of the time they go "Chavez," he says with a sigh. '"It's like, there is no 'v'! You know, think of Shazaam!"

On Lauryn Hill: "Lauryn Hill is on a whole other level. She almost invented a new style of music. It's like hip-hop, but old-school. We listen to her album all the time on tour."

On Attention: "We're hams!"

On the "God Must Have Spent.." Video: "By far the easiest video to work on."

On Surfing: "I'm not brave enough to take on a 30-foot wave."

On Meet N Greets: "We like to know who we are performing for."

On Movies: "I always like to catch up on movies I've missed. That's one of my favorite things in the world to do: see movies."

On Dating: "If I'm into a girl, I'll take her on romantic dates to see plays. I've even been known to serenade a girl with a song I've written especially for her."  (awww!)